April 2020

As a first-time buyer, I highly recommend buying from this cattery! I blindly began the hunt for an Devon Rex kitten. I searched online, found this cattery, and a female kitten I wanted to buy. I emailed Faerietail Devon Rex Cattery and Paul the owner promptly replied. I was told that the kitty was still available, so I submitted an application and made my purchase. I sent Faerietail Devon Rex Cattery $1850.00, on good faith alone, and I expected the healthy kitten we agreed on. I jetted to Phoenix to pick up my new kitty. Paull met me on-time as promised at the airport. It was so easy and convenient! The kitten was as depicted and described. I took her to my vet when I got home, and she was given a clean bill of health. I could not be happier with my new kitty I named Lily. She has the sweetest personality and is playful and very friendly. The time that Paull devotes shows through the quality of the kitten. If you have the slightest doubt about if you should trust this cattery with your kitten and money, you can rest assured that you are in trustworthy hands.
​Thank you so much Faerietail Devon Rex Cattery and especially Paull

Sean B.

April 2020

Hi Paull, attached is a picture of Mooch and as you can see we are best friends and my husband also likes him. We think the world of him!We found out that his stool is normal and everything is fine .
I cannot tell you how much we appreciate him, how everything was handled and
​what a wonderful cat he is! Keep up the good work!
​Sharon P-L

April 2020
This kitten is so sweet!! Love Korben to bits!!!
(His checkup was good:) she thought he was healthy. I need to wait till next week to vaccinate. He did really well! He has an attitude and I love it! I am so happy he is here healthy and mostly happy. We are having so much fun!!! Thank you thank you for such a wonderful addition to my tribe.

March 2020
​Hi Paull,
​ Sugar is settling in nicely, going from room to room checking everything out. She did eat and drink. I’m so happy she’s here with me.
I’ll contact you next week with all of the information for her spaying.
Thank you so much
Cheryl W.

Feb 2020
​Happy to report that Louis Vuitton was given a clean bill of health today at the vet.
I will share that he has found his “voice” . . . we put him in Nancy’s bathroom last night when she went to bed (which is where his sandbox, food and several kitty beds are) . . . and he made it clear he did NOT want to sleep alone in there. After an hour of non-stop howls, Nancy gave in and moved him to the pillow next to hers on her bed . . . and he slept there the whole night. LOL
Also, several friends have seen my Instagram post showing Louis Vuitton – and a family friend of ours that lives down in Tucson has asked whether you will ever produce all white Devon Rex? They are looking to take 2 siblings from a future litter, but have their heart set on white (replacing a pair of Persian siblings they previously had). Please let me know if you think any of your kitties would ever produce all white . . .
All in all, Louis Vuitton (whom we call just “Lou-Wee”) has been a delight and is such a joy to have!

Feb 2020
He is acclimated to his new home and family and is playing and snuggling.
He did fine at his Veterinary checkup.

Feb 2020
​Devons are my favorite breed – yes there are a lot of other good looking breeds but it is the whole package of personality, looks, and brains that keeps the Devons #1 with me… I fell in love with her pic when you first showed her on the web and now that she is here my love has deepened already with her…I think my face shows that in the pic I sent you lol. I will keep you updated on our journey together .

Onyx is such a lovely boy – from the moment he came home he has been an absolute pleasure and melted our hearts. It is obvious how much love and attention your cats receive and I will recommend Faerietail Devon Rex Cattery  to anyone looking for a healthy, well-adjusted and loving kitten or adult Devon Rex. Your cats are not only a beautiful example of the breed standard, they have the lovely temperament and personality that makes this such a wonderful and unique breed of cat. Thank you again for allowing this wonderful boy to share our home. ~ J. Villasenor

​I have a good experience from Faerietail Devon Rex Cattery. They are a very good cattery, especially Paull, I think, he is a professional breeder and nice person. He always answer my questions quickly, and gave me a lot of helpful suggestions. I talked and send many emails with many other breeders before I contacted to her, I can feel he is a responsible person. And the shipping process is fast, I’m very satisfied with that. The most important thing is that, we got a very nice kitten from her. This kitten will be one of my most important parts in my life. If my friends want to have a Devon Rex, I do recommend to take a look at Faerietail Devon Rex Cattery first.
Nijin Pan

I had a an outstanding experience with Paull/Faerietail Devon Rex Cattery. I was very nervous at first with the distance but Paull kept me in the loop every step of the way and daily as the time came near for my kitten to come home. I am in love with Lola. She is the sweetest and most darling kitten I’ve ever had. She was clearly loved and held a lot. I won the kitten lottery and would highly recommend working with Paull.
Amy R Cook CFP

My experience with Faerietail Devon Rex Cattery was wonderful and fun. Paull stayed in touch and was happy to answer all my questions. He updated the pictures and movies often to allow me to see my kitten grow and was always there to reassure me when I worried about anything related to my purchase. Shipping was all arranged by Paull and it all went smoothly.
I would recommend this cattery as an excellent, professional company.
Cheyenne Satter

Hi Paull, I wanted to check in and send you a couple pictures of Mick (wanted to keep an Irish name 😉 ). He is an absolute joy!! Mick is such an angel. So very loving, playful and loves to talk. Lol. You can say hi Mick and he always gives you a meow back as if he’s saying hi back it’s the cutest thing ever. Had a vet appointment yesterday and he’s 1lb15oz. He has the most precious big round eyes ever. I hope all is well with you and your babies. Have a great weekend.
Kelly Harris

​Thank you Paull! I love your devotion to breeding and caring for your quality cats and kittens. It truly shows!
Purchasing Lullaby and Fantasia was a delight. You were especially helpful through the process and thoroughly explained while aiding me during any difficulty every step of the way.
Fantasia was an instant leader in the pack. While Lullaby took her time, but is surely on her way too being snuggled up with the family on the couch. They are such beauties and I can’t thank you enough.
Lauran Boldt

​Dear Paull, Percy (aka Einstein) had his vet checkup today at the Arizona Animal Wellness Center. The vet said he was in “excellent” health and all of his tests came back negative! Thank you for taking such good care of your babies! He seems to be settling in very well. I can’t get enough of him! I have attached a picture I took yesterday, he is already quite the ham 🙂
Hope all is well Best, Susie (& Eric & Percy)

​I’ve been meaning to let you know just how much we love him!
He quickly made himself at home and into our hearts!!!
He is so funny …he chases after me and runs all over the house.
Thanks so much Paull!! He’s the best birthday gift ever!
I will update you again and send a pic soon.
Have a wonderful day!


I got results from Vet and all is good, no feline leukemia, everyone was saying how cute he is.
Thanks so much for this great cat!
Bill Harkins


Yes everything is going good she’s adjusting well. She’s playing a lot and jumping around. She is very smart and finds her way into things. Thank you so much for making this all so easy.
Samantha Martinez


Kitten seems like she’s fitting in great! She’s been hanging out with her brother for naps and playing with her toys. I agree, I think we were more nervous than she. 😉 We love her so much
Christina Marques

​​Paull I just wanted to send you a few pictures yesterday was Owens first birthday and let you know he’s doing great he is such a wonderful boy we love him so very much don’t know what we would do without him thank you thank you thank you. Sincerely Tara Johnson